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What material are the bracelets made from?

The bracelets are 14K gold filled beads and Sterling silver 925. Gold filled is a thick coating of 14k real gold on a a metal bead. It is not a solid gold bead, but it is has the highest content of real gold after solid gold beads.

Sterling silver 925 is real silver. The stamp '925' indicates that it contain 92.5% silver. 

Agate is semi-precious stone. They are polished and reach contain small details and flecks which adds character and beauty. All our Agate stone and gold and silver beads are sourced by an ethical U.K supplier.

All beads naturally tarnish over time, we provide a polishing cloth in your order to keep it shiny. We also provide a care card with details instructions, please read it. Al the information on there will help you keep your items looking amazing for longer.


Do you provide gift boxing as standard?

No we don't. The way your bracelet is packaged is to keep your items safe, and also reduce delivery charges as we can fit it in a smaller package. If demand calls for it, we may consider gift boxing, which will incur a higher delivery charge also.


Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes! The cushion packaging is recyclable and the white mailing bag is also biodegradable. Over time it will decompose, but please still throw it in the recycle refuse. All the card inserts and boxes are recyclable. The small amount of bubble wrap we use on the mugs is also recyclable. We are working towards making it even more eco-friendly and will update this section and announce these changes on our social accounts.


My bracelet has broken, what can I do?

We offer a re-stringing service for a small fee. You will also need to cover postage to send the item back to you. Please collect as many of the beads as you can, as we will have to charge for replacements beads to be added. Please email us at info@harpsinjuly.com.


My bracelet elastic has got a bit loose over time, can it be restrung?

Yes, bracelets can be restrung for a small fee. Please email info@harpsinjuly.com.


How do I clean my jewellery?

We recommend following the care instructions that are sent with your jewellery. Full details are available on the website too. In general, we recommend storing your jewellery in something airtight when not wearing it and if it needs cleaning, use the polishing cloth provided.