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About Us



Hi! My name is Harps and I am the creative force behind 'Harps in July', an accessories brand for you and your home.
Inspired by a deep desire to create a happy and positive environment around myself wherever possible, 'Harps in July' is a vision of colour confidence, joy and positivity.
We all need a lift from time to time, and colour is just the tonic. We can re-imagine our spaces, invigorating and re-energising the soul. My objective is to create beautiful, everyday products, as a little pop of happiness. Never compromising on quality, the humble coffee cup has been designed as a reminder to find our 'Happy Vibes'. Soon after followed the everyday glitz of our stunning bracelets, which are luxurious and indulgent.
Life isn't always easy, some days it's harder to find our inner joy. I hope 'Harps in July' helps make those days a little bit brighter and feel like a bit of self-care. 
Why not join me on Instagram, @harpsinjuly - I'd love to see you there!
Peace and Love,
Harps x